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Boiler Repair & boiler servicing


If you require our boiler repair or boiler servicing services then that means you are looking for a professionally (and legally) trained gas engineer (including full ACS training, qualifications and accreditation). The London Plumbing Company plumber is all of the above – so no need to continue trawling the Internet – give us a call today!


Still not convinced? Continue reading below for more information.


The gas safe register is the official and legally recognised gas registration body – replacing the previous registration body (1/4/2009) that was CORGI. This means that anybody who works with gas or comes out to look at your boiler to service, repair or install a new boiler has to be “gas safe” accredited – it is illegal for anyone without these accreditations to work with gas.


Employing a gas safe engineer for all your boiler servicing or boiler repair requirements will ensure the safety of both your property and your family. Employing or allowing someone who is not accredited or trained to work with your gas supply could lead to improperly installed and/or poorly and erroneously serviced gas appliances. This in turn could lead to any number of serious events including gas leaks, gas explosions and even carbon monoxide poisoning.


How often do I need my boiler servicing?


In the UK, the health and safety executive is responsible for regulating all gas safety and it is the same executive who over sees the gas safe register (the accreditation that any body whom works with gas must have). The executive strenuously recommends that a gas safe accredited and registered engineer services any gas appliance or gas boiler at least once every 12 months. Much like a car MOT – it is absolutely necessary to ensure that all of your gas appliances are operating both safely and efficiently. So if you adhere to this legislation you should only require boiler servicing once every 12 months.


Each gas appliance service will include the checking, testing, cleaning and faultfinding to identify any irregularities with either your boiler or any other gas appliance. You may be unaware that your appliance isn’t working safely or effectively. There are thousands of people (of all ages) in the UK that suffer from serious illness or even death due to gas related illness such as carbon monoxide poisoning.


What an Annual Boiler Servicing includes and is it necessary?


As discussed above – a boiler service will primarily involve cleaning, inspecting, fault finding and testing but depending on the brand of boiler you have will mean different specifications and procedures vary.


If you have a modern boiler the safety and effective operation of the boiler may primarily be concerned with and determined by the analysis of the flue gasses. This means that if the “gas combustion analysis” reveals that everything is as expected and the boiler is working properly – then further dismantling of the boiler will not be required.


Other boilers may require other assessment for example: your boiler may require that the heat exchanger needs to be dismantled, then cleaned and then reassembled – having individual components tested as the engineer goes. This will give the engineer the ability to ascertain whether or not the boiler and its components are operating safely and correctly.


What is the difference between an annual Boiler Servicing and an annual Safety Check?


A gas engineer has to (by law) follow the specified service requirements that are laid out by the appliances manufacturer and requirements can differ greatly between appliances and manufacturers.


If the customer has lost the original instructions or your boiler is no longer in production – then the manufacturer may have ceased support and replacement instructions will not be available. Under these circumstances – your gas engineer will follow a specific, standard set of servicing instructions that will include: checking, cleaning and various testing procedures.


After following these standard procedures the London Plumbing Company plumber will legally only supply the customer with a receipt for an ‘Annual Safety Check’ rather than an ‘Annual Service’.


Is an annual boiler servicing sufficient or do I need breakdown cover?


Most customers do not realise just how highly durable a boiler is built to be. Due to the durability of your boiler – generally, if it is serviced once a year, it is unlikely to be problematic.


According to a ‘Which?’ survey conducted in 2008 (, the average costs incurred for an annual boiler service including costs for incidental repairs, were less than half of the breakdown contract charges over a three (3) years period. Hence, a breakdown contract is not cost effective.

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Improving your home – London plumbers and painters working together.


When the London Paint Company first opened for business we planned to be an independent company working on specific projects to deliver best standards possible.

We trained our staff extensively in their fields of work and ensured all our employees deliver excellent customer service.

At first we didn’t intend to work closely with other companies like we do now.

About a year ago on one of our jobs in East London we needed to remove some radiators to paint behind them.

 That was when we realised that working closely with our sister company – London Plumbing Company will not only save time but can also save customer money.

London Plumbing Company is a relevantly newly merged company with many experienced plumbers.  Their workmanship is excellent and very tidy and that is why our cooperation works perfectly. The brilliant thing about London Plumbing Company engineers is that they will solve your problem whatever it is – a simple repair or work with you on a state of the art installation or upgrade.

 Instead of calling upon new company we can contact London plumbers and get the things moving swiftly without waiting for other firms.

After a few jobs we realised that both companies working together are good match, and that’s when we decided to create London Group. Our aim is to provide efficient, reliable and effective solutions through high standards of customer service.

London Group is simply London Paint Company working in partnership with London Plumbing Company. So when we are painting your house and you need a plumber it’s much simpler to get one company to sort it out.

By no means London Group is a one company that does a bit of everything. We have specialist-trained technicians that are professionals in their field of work. You won’t see our painters plastering your walls or plumbing in your bathroom. Our technicians are fully qualified in what they do and every job is theirs pride and joy.

At London Group we pride ourselves in having links to the most specialist personnel in their fields of work, and that is what guarantees the successful completion of all our work.

In most cases, things on site will change during the build. London Group wants to give you confidence in that process, so that you can concentrate on enjoying the results.

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Plumbing works in Chingford.


As we always say no job is too small or too difficult for us and we pride in what we do.

Just to highlight how important every job our plumbers do is for us we are writing about our latest job in Chingford!

We arranged to plumb in some new towel rails and sink for our customer in his new toilet and shower room.

It wasn’t one of bigger jobs we did as it only took us few hours, nevertheless we are really proud of it.

Here are some pictures for you to check out our work…

chingford-plumbing-towelrail2.jpg                                    chingford-plumbing-sink

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