Improving your home – London plumbers and painters working together.


When the London Paint Company first opened for business we planned to be an independent company working on specific projects to deliver best standards possible.

We trained our staff extensively in their fields of work and ensured all our employees deliver excellent customer service.

At first we didn’t intend to work closely with other companies like we do now.

About a year ago on one of our jobs in East London we needed to remove some radiators to paint behind them.

 That was when we realised that working closely with our sister company – London Plumbing Company will not only save time but can also save customer money.

London Plumbing Company is a relevantly newly merged company with many experienced plumbers.  Their workmanship is excellent and very tidy and that is why our cooperation works perfectly. The brilliant thing about London Plumbing Company engineers is that they will solve your problem whatever it is – a simple repair or work with you on a state of the art installation or upgrade.

 Instead of calling upon new company we can contact London plumbers and get the things moving swiftly without waiting for other firms.

After a few jobs we realised that both companies working together are good match, and that’s when we decided to create London Group. Our aim is to provide efficient, reliable and effective solutions through high standards of customer service.

London Group is simply London Paint Company working in partnership with London Plumbing Company. So when we are painting your house and you need a plumber it’s much simpler to get one company to sort it out.

By no means London Group is a one company that does a bit of everything. We have specialist-trained technicians that are professionals in their field of work. You won’t see our painters plastering your walls or plumbing in your bathroom. Our technicians are fully qualified in what they do and every job is theirs pride and joy.

At London Group we pride ourselves in having links to the most specialist personnel in their fields of work, and that is what guarantees the successful completion of all our work.

In most cases, things on site will change during the build. London Group wants to give you confidence in that process, so that you can concentrate on enjoying the results.

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